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Curling With SAS Hair Straighteners

Our line of SAS Professional Range hair straighteners sleek and elegant design , doesn't only straighten your hair it can have you performing professional curls from the brink of your own bathroom using SAS.

Many will think that performing curls with a hair straightener is impossible, but think again; using SAS straighteners you can now do easy to perform curls looking professionally done from your own home.

Here are some easy to do steps that will create any type of curls to your perfection using SAS's the black diamond and pink pearl. Ensure to properly shampoo and condition your hair and then thoroughly dry it to perform you're A list curls.


  • Section off a section of hair you wish to curl

  • Using your fingers hold the section of hair towards the end

  • Place the straightener over the section of hair providing space to curl.

  • Gently wrap the strands of hair around the bottom plates of the hair straightener

  • Slowly and gently press the plates together lightly gripping the piece of hair

  • Slowly glide the straightener towards the end of the hair, slowly rotating the straightener outwards

  • Hold for 2-3 seconds upon release giving the curls a stable and professional look when reaching the end of your hair to prevent frizziness also.


  • Section off a larger strand of hair, not to big ensuring you can have a firm grip of the hair and holding not to close to the roots of your hair

  • Using your fingers hold the section of hair towards the end


  • Section off a piece of hair you wish to twirl

  • Lightly grip the strands of hair with the hair straightener with a slight angle of 225 degrees.

  • Slowly and gently turn the straightener inwards while slowly and carefully gliding down the straightener towards to end of the hair.

  • Hold for 2-3 seconds upon release to give you the curls to your perfection.

The above method of ways to curl your hair using SAS hair straighteners can be easily done to your perfection. With SAS's easy grip straighteners perfection is guaranteed.

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