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Looking for a way to earn some extra cash? Join the SAS team today and unlock a world of endless opportunities, all available at the click of a button. We’re offering you the chance to become a spokesperson for our brand and share your love for the favorite pair of hair straighteners you use everyday by promoting them online, it’s really as simple as that! In return you’ll start benefiting right away by earning cash or store credit depending on which you prefer, every time you refer your friends, family or even someone from the general public.


So How Does It Work?

We want this process to be as easy as possible, so all you have to do to become a part of the elite SAS network is visit our website and fill out the sign up form. From there we’ll create a unique URL just for you to use, and then you’re ready to get started. After that you’ll then be able to track the progress of every single sale you make through your promoting.

For every transaction generated you’ll earn 10% commission of the sale, so the more you promote the higher the rewards. Redeem your earnings in the form of store credit or get the value of your sales in cash, the only decision you’ll have to make is which one to choose from.

Thanks to the customised URL you will be able to monitor all orders made in real time as our system is updated instantly, here you can browse your visits and sales generated too. You can even choose to use PayPal or use your personal banking details for ease of payment, the hardest part will be deciding where to spend all that hard earned cash.

So what are you waiting for? Start making real money today by taking advantage of our great rewards scheme and you’ll be making real money in no time, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start sooner!


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